Thursday, August 30, 2007

To-Do List

I had four things I wanted to do before school starts:

1. Finish Michael O'Halloran
2. Finish my queen quilt's top
3. Finish my journal and get a new one. Decorate the old one.
4. Transfer the pictures off my flickr site to my computer

Michael O'Halloran is finished. Wonderful book. Cute and old fashioned, but inpirational. It's about five sets of people. First is Micky and Lily Peaches. Micky was an orphaned newspaper boy in the city of Multiopolis, and one day on his route he found an orphan girl, Lily Peaches. She was unable to walk because her now-dead grandmother hadn't taken care of her when she was younger. Micky took Peaches, and cared for her himself, with constant fear the orphans home would come and get her. The second is the Minturn family. The mom likes to go out and be social, and is rich so she hired help to take care of her children, so she doesn't have to. Mr. Minturn isn't respected at all, so eventually, he gets sick of it and leaves her, after he found out that the daughter was murdered by the nanny, and his wife knew about it. The third set is Leslie and Bruce. Bruce is a lawyer, and is engaged to Leslie. He helps Micky out one day, and then sets his mind to do the little brother program with him (unofficially adopt him). Micky tells him to, but takes a job with Bruce instead. The third set is Peter's family. I forgot their last name, but it's a family Micky meets out in the country when he's caddying for Bruce. Their son, Junior, is determined to live in the city, so in return for caring for Lily for a bit, Micky takes him. Lastly is Mr. Chaufner, who is the publisher of the newspaper Micky used to sell. He has secured Micky writing poetry for the paper, once he gets a proper education. The plot rolls out comically, with a good twist and good lessons learned. So Michael O'Halloran is finished

It is possibly impossible to finish my queen quilt's top, reason being unless I add an unplanned, large border, it won't be a queen. I finished all the patches early this afternoon, and have been stringing rows together. I finished 7 out of 19 today, and might get 12 done tomorrow, we'll see.

I have 10 pages left of my journal, and I'm gathering pictures from this year to decorate the cover. I have an idea of the ones I want to use, and I just need a good quality of them. I bought a new journal yesterday at Chapters, when I went there to meet Kim. She's a girl in 3/4 of my classes, who just moved up here from Sugarland. She's really smart, and very sweet. We're going to try to get assigned each other for split lockers (you pick who you want, but we're not in the same homeroom, so we're not sure), and going to eat lunch together starting Wednesday. Anyways, I now have a journal to write in when I finish my other one.

Yahoo photos decided they were going to shut down their photo system and transfer your photos to the system of your choosing, and I chose flickr. Only after I switched did it let me know I was only allowed 50 photos regularily, and I had 700. My free trial (unlimited pictures) ends sometime in September, but I don't remember when. I've been procrastinating, but I need to go through my albums and save my pictures, one by one, before they delete them. Or make me pay a rediculous amount.

Tonight Marcy and Chris are coming to visit. Courtney and I are in charge of picking them up from the airport, so wish me luck driving! I hate Calgarian left-turn-yield lights, because I'm used to Houston, and just go when I see green. Then I get scared out of my wits because there is a car rushing at me.

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