Saturday, November 28, 2009

Andrew MacCatechism

Sorry for my absence. Hopefully, business as usual from here on out...

There's a little man who has stolen my heart and his name is Andy Mac. He's the smartest three year old I know. He stands across the room and says, "You can't get me!" and when I run across and start tickling him, he says, "That's enough, Chelsea! Hehehe! That's enough!" He likes he equator and all sorts of random ideas. He knows how to say "regeneration" and "chasten" and knows the meaning of both. And apparently, we're getting married.

I love the family that I'm staying with. The A's have been so welcoming to me and very accomidating. Sure, my treck to campus is lengthy, but I can't imagine not having Bible Times at night or Sunday night pancakes. I haven't been around young children much at all to see how they're raised, so it's very new, watching them grow up. It's fun watching the girls learn how to cook and play the piano. I've tried teaching them ballet, and I've learned that physical grace is not equally distributed to everyone. :)