Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yesterday, I Saw a Gun

The running joke is, everyone in Texas has a gun. While it's basically true, I'd never seen one, except the occational BB-Gun, Airsoft, and Paintball. I'm a little skittish around guns. I've seen enough of CSI and Law and Order to know what guns do [or rather, what people do with guns]. However, I was over at my friends' house yesterday, and one of them was proud of his new purchase and showed me a semi-automatic, black gun (those are the only technical terms I got, though I know he also told me the brand and whatnot). So, yup, I have seen a real gun. Now I just have to get over whatever it is that is holding me back from learning how to use one.

In the meantime, here is an awesome video clip (which I also was shown yesterday) that summerizes my opinion of guns, and the true purpose of the second ammendment. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goals for the Next Four Months

I made it to Texas safely. If you haven't noticed, I'm a rather list-oriented person. I decided on the plane that there are a couple basic things I need to do to make this time the most productive. Here they are:

1) Develop patience, living with my dad. This is probably the least quantitative, but something I need to put a conscious effort into, or else it will not happen.

2) Study for my four AP exams in May: Literature, US History, World History, and BC Calculus. If I pass them, those four plus my AP Biology (from last year) will complete my first year of university. This means a lot of reading and independently driven study.

3) Get to know the Campbell family better, which means spending a lot of time with them at church, home, and their home.

4) Save up at least $2,500 by diligently catering/hostessing/expoing at the best Italian restraurant on this side of the Atlantic. Or at least Mississippi River. :P

5) Read five of the Jane Austen novels (I've already read Pride and Prejudice). This goes hand-in-hand with #2, but it's a lofty goal for me, so we'll see how it goes with all the other reading.

*Edit: for #4, make that waitressing... : /
*Edit: for Edit on #4, make that catering :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Method of Packing-Procrastination

A photo tag from over at The Gilgours.

Tag rules:
1. Go to where you store your digital photo folders. Open the fourth folder.
2. Go to the fourth picture and post it.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people.


This picture was taken very shortly after I got my camera. I collect spoons (like, the tourist-y ones) and decided to catalogue them. This one's from Washington D.C. and was given to me by my dear friend, Bianca Z.

My four blog friends: Allison S, Rae L, Kevin L, and Ken C.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upcoming Blog Changes

I have really enjoyed the outlet that this blog has given me to share what I am learning and experiencing with those who wouldn't otherwise find out. It's great to have the opportunity in this sort of technology to (cautiously ;) ) meet fellow bloggers and learn from each other's lives. I plan on continuing this blog for a long time, though I don't know what sort of directions it will take in the future. It will always be found under this address as long as Google and Blogspot provide the service.

However, I realize there needs to be a change in name occationally. Though millions of Canadians will continue to have adventures in the GWN, I will not be one of them. In four days (gulp) I will be moving to the Lone Star State. Ergo, "Adventures in the Lone Star State" seems like a more appropriate title.

It's possible that there will be further changes in June, but that is yet to be seen...

Adventures in the Great White North will return in September with the start of the school year in Halifax.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The HUB @ Camp Caroline

Our church's college/young married ministry (which I am included in- long story) had a weekend retreat to Camp Caroline, a peaceful multi-acre facility just south of Caroline, Alberta. I went to take a break from the city and rest. I had my Math 31 final Friday morning, and wanted to get away. Once there, I found several friends that I just don't see enough of and we picked out a room (the cozy one above the boiler room) :) . The speaker for the weekend was Steve McCready from Northern Ireland, and he did an amazing job going through the book of Jonah and discussing some of the heart issues that Jonah went through in his transformation. The rest of the time we had to play games, swim, tube down a snowy hill, and go on walks. I wouldn't call it restful (last night, a group of about 18 of us played water polo from about 11:30 PM -1:30 AM and have the bruises to prove it), but it was very relaxing to get outside and be responsible for nothing but myself. I met lots of new friends and got lots of practice with my camera. Here are some pictures from the tubing hill and from a walk around camp. Thank you everyone for a great weekend! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Blue Jeans

I'm not sure if it's the same for guys, but for girls, I believe it's next to impossible to find a pair of blue jeans that fit just right. I find blue jean shopping days make me never want to shop again because they're so discouraging. Either they're too long or too tight or falling off or a weird color or itchy or... something. Thus the four pairs of jeans I have now, I have owned for over a year, and one for three years. Unfortunately, jeans do wear out- especially if they're a daily part of your wardrobe like mine are. It was coming up to jean shopping time for me...

So you can imagine my interest when mom brought home a bag of clothes from her friend that contained jeans that looked like they might just fit. Well, let me tell you, one pair is a little low riding for me, but the other two are the best fitting jeans I've ever owned. They're the perfect length and fit (usually jeans are too long and tight for me). Aaah! So exciting! No jeans shopping for another year! And they're free! :)

It's been a good day, and this afternoon I have three friends coming over for some board games and supper. And cake. Great fun!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Growing Up

Sorry I've been absent. I had a major project due today that I had procrastinated too long for, and ended up completing it within 48 hours. I'm still suffering a little sleep deprivation, but it is finished. Moving on...

With my 18th birthday on its way, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be an adult. It's weird thinking I'll go to sleep a girl and wake up as a woman (in a legal sense). I'll be able to vote. I'll be able to sign documents. I'll be able to leave the country without a letter from my parents. Though I won't often take advantage of the privilege, I'll be able to buy alcohol. This weekend, when my family goes out to supper I could buy a drink. That just blows my mind. I'll be able to get a credit card. I'll be able to buy a house (if I had the money and current desire). It's just weird thinking that with one sleep, I'll be able to gain all these privileges.

I'm almost having Peter Pan Syndrome. For the first time in my memory, I don't want to grow up. I mean, I do. I want to go to college and get married and have a family, but it happened so quickly. It's sad to realize that my childhood is gone, especially without my reaizing it. My mom was talking to someone the other day, and she said, "She hasn't been a 'kid' for a long time." It makes me wonder if I missed out. It's a weird feeling.