Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life just got a little bit busier. My boss took me up on my offer, and I am scheduled 6 days a week for the next two weeks (35+ hrs a week). I'm happy about it in one sense- I wanted to work my rear off this summer and earn some money for school (I'm starting to look at the math, and it's not pretty math). However, other things need to be compensated for. Such as blog writing.
Therefore, I'm going to be cutting back to one or two posts a week till mid September. In the meantime, check out this picture. Digital cameras are amazing, you know? Zoom is just, wow!

Look who snuck into my picture! You know who that is right? I mean, she has a flag on top of her car!

Have a nice week! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hymns, or Modern Worship

Different churches that I have been to have a different idea of proper worship that they are comfortable with. I was raised in a very structured, old fasioned church till grade five. I remember as I was learning to read, I would follow the words in the hymnals with my fingers and trace the patterns of the notes.
Then we moved to a more modern church- one with drums, a guitar, and the powerpoint "hymnals." It was more like music that surrounded me outside of church.
As I am now older and thinking about what worship means, a couple things stand out about these genres. If you listen to older hymns, they focus more on the glory of God and his power. They are worshiping God as a being. Newer songs tend to focus on either our need for God, or what he has done for us. Through they're generally not self-centered, the self is a part of the song.
For instance, think of one of my favorite hymns: How Great Thou Art. The name says it all.
Compare that to My Savior My God (Aaron Shust), one of the top songs last year on Christian radio stations.
Now, is this shift necesarily bad? No. It is merely a more personal shift, and how could that hinder a personal religion? Besides, if you consider David Crowder's opinion in Praise Habit (a wonderful book, but that's worth another post) worship should be part of life. As long as the words are Biblically supported and heartfelt, worship can take many various forms.
However, hymns have value too. They're time tested and hold some solid theology. What are you guys' favorite hymns?

A Scenario

Ok, I need help.

Imagine for a minute you did something that was on the boarderline of what you should/shouldn't be doing, but you feel that it was ok and after a lot of thought, an overall good choice.

The problem is someone saw you, but misinterprited it and thought you were doing something you definitely shouldn't be doing. They're so confident in their [incorrect] eyes, that they don't believe you when you say you did not do that.

I've been trying hard to forget it, but it's nagging at me. My reputation to this person is being blown out the window, and I really don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it.

Except Kassi. Where is that girl...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Wash Day

One of the best things about coming home after a long trip is clean, fresh clothes. I was doing my laundry from my trip this morning, and as I was hanging up my pj pants, I thought it would make a good picture.


I got my Biology AP results today- 5/5! Goodbye, BIOL 233 (U of C)/BIOL 2474 (HBU)!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Congratulations, Daniel and Katie!

Today, Katie Smith and Daniel Campbell are getting married in California. Best wishes to the couple! I love you guys, and hope the new chapter of your life is a happy one :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Official...

I have seen the queen. 

In Scotland, we were going to Holyrood Castle (her home while she's in Edinburgh) and were stopped at the door. We couldn't see it. The queen was in. She was holding an invitation-only tea to the local philanthropists, and we weren't invited. So, we hiked up Arthur's Seat to try to catch a glimpse. We saw lots of people, lots of tents set up in the royal lawns, but no queen.

In London, we went to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. I kept my eyes open for drapes moving in the windows behind. At one point I saw the royal duster, wiping the windows. I got pictures of the balcony where she occasionally pops out to wave. Still, no queen.

So where did I see her?

We were leaving Westminster Abbey, walking down the sidewalk. Suddenly, I saw a flashing light, like a police light, but no siren. I glanced over and, behind one motorbike escourt, was the royal driver with a miniflag flying above the car. In the seat behind him was the queen, with her hair neatly put up and her hat on. About 10 feet from me.

I saw the queen. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frustrated Cat, by my Great-grandma Irving

Velvet wants a bird to catch,
Blue jay or nuthatch,
Whisky jack or Chickadee
Will he all the same to me.

At the window here I sit,
Feeling like a nit-wit,
Looking through two panes of glass
While the birds go flying past.

While I dream of dreadful deeds
They are gobbling sunflower seeds,
While I ponder how to do it,
They are bolting lumps of suet.

What a place this world could be
For a fine he-cat like me.
Maybe in the month of June
I’ll make them sing a different tune.

But Velvet’s hopes are growing dim,
All the birds seem wise to him.
Panther-like they see him pass
Creeping through the waving grass,
Twittering sparrows at the eaves
Are laughing at him in their sleeves.

-Jan 20, 1964

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reasoning: Organization

Make a list of the "vital items" in my life
Donate the rest - These items are to reduce my clutterbug clutter, and to give it to people who need it

Do this again 3 months later - I have a way of thinking I'll use something, but a year later I still haven't. This will eliminate those items.

Make CDs for all my pictures and file them - Partially for organization, and partially because my computer's C drive is nearly full. Eek!

Reorganize emergency evacuation box - I've had to use it before, and I haven't updated it since we evacuated for Rita.

Create a laminated, wallet sized version of this list - So I have it with me.

Schedule all these goals - So I don't procrastinate.

[Private: FOMMBACDD] (0/30)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Reasoning: Health

Drink only water for 2 months (except the weekly tea)(0/61) - I get dehydrated really easily and need to drink more water. The problem is, I don't. This will make me, because I have nothing else to drink!

Go on a 20 minute walk each day for a week (0/7) - Part of this is physical health, but really, a 20 minute walk won't do much. I plan do do this after school one week for mental health, to just unwind.

Reach weight goal (aka loose 11 lbs) - I don't think I'm fat or anything, but I think I could be healthier. I also realise that muscle weighs more, so if I get inspired to become fit, but can't get down 11 lbs, I'd consider this accomplished.

Intentionally take the stairs rather than the elevator >5 stories (up and down) - Fitness

Bike through GBP 3 times (0/3) - Fitness (GBP stands for George Bush Park, which I really like)

Have a cup of tea once a week (3/33) - relax

Get wisdom teeth removed - Needs to be done, unfortunately. The ETA is January/ February '09

Wear retainer every day for 3 months (0/92) - Should be done. My retainer wear is disgraceful.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reasoning: For Myself

Grow my hair out long for the 1001 days, and only cut to trim - I like my hair short, but I really miss it and being able to do fun things with it.

French braid my own hair - Usually when I want my hair French braided, I have to get my mom to do it. I'd lik to know that I have the abiliy to do it myself. However, I have to wait till it's longer now.

[Personal: dsumrwm] - I put these three personal ones on here because they are things I want to do, but since this is a public blog, they're also things I don't really want to share with the world. I do know what they mean though, haha. Don't worry.

Fly a kite - I've flown kites before, though I don't remember how successfully. Again, just something I want to make a point of doing.

Complete a 1000 piece puzzle - My family did a lot of puzzles when I was little, probably because my mom's family does a lot of puzzles. I enjoy them, but haven't done it for a while. I got a pretty one, and it's almost done, so when it is I'll post pictures.

[Personal: malotfmhcact]- This could go under organization too.

Go to a prayer room for an hour- I've been to a couple different prayer rooms and it's amazing the calmness in them. It's a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to God, and I want to make a point to do that.

[Personal: fabtf]- Because I need to. And it's done anyway, so...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Reasoning: For Others

Give Blood - We've heard in classes how much blood a person in sugery could need. I think I'm type O or type A (IaIo) if you go by my parent's types and genetics, so a lot of people could use mine.

Pay for the person behind me in the drive through line - I saw a newsclip where someone did that, and it went on for hours and hours. Wouldn't it be neat to start something like that? Now I just have to find a drivethrough Starbucks.

Buy someone flowers - They're so cheery! I know who I'm buying them for and when, but I can't put that on here since they read this. It's going to be a thank you.

Plant a tree - I did a research project on deforestation this year. The stats are bad. The world needs more trees.

Take Ziggy to the Children's Hospital 5 times (0/5) - My dogs are both therapy certified, but we don't use it. What a shame! They'll be happier for getting out, and some kid could be happier for seeing them.

Cook dinner for both sets of grandparents (0/2) - I appreciate all that they do for me, and it's the least I can do.

Put change in someone's expired meter - I saw this on someone else's and thought it was neat.

Handwrite and mail 1 letter a month for 2010 (0/12) - I love getting handwritten letters, but it is rather selfish to constantly recieve without giving back, isn't it?

Make a family member breakfast in bed - We have an awesome cookbook of breakfast dishes, and I want to practice one out. I remember for years, we would get breakfast in bed on our birthdays and I loved it. It'd be nice to make someone it.

Attend one of Aneca's basketball games and Kim's swim meets (0/2) - I really stink at making time to notice other's accomplishments. I don't think I've ever attended one of my friend's sporting events (not that many of my Texas friends are the sporting type). It would be nice to show my support.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Reasoning: Art

Take one photo each day of 2009 and make an album of them (0/365) - Work on my photography skills and artistic eye

Do the Alphabet Photo Challenge (0/26) - More artistic eye than photography skills

Do the 100 Snapshots Challenge (0/100) - I was looking for yet another challenge relating to photography and stumbled upon this one.

Sew a dress - My mom wants to teach me before I start college, and I really want to learn. And I really want a new dress that costs less than $80. I've already found the pattern, and we'll probably start in August.

Make a dishes set at the Harry Potter - The Harry Potter is this pottery studio in Katy, Texas. I went there once with my friends and made a mug. Unfortunately, the method of color they use is glaze, which looks beautiful if done properly, but is a little complex. I learned how to use glaze in my 8th grade art class, later that year. I want to make a better set.

Finish my quilt - A finish what I have started project. I'm done the front, but we're short on fabric for the back, so I'm going to have to be creative. The problem is that I'm somewhat frustrated at myself for measuring wrong in the first place, and can't bring myself to be creative till I get over that.

Create a Tshirt quilt and start a WR quilt (0/2) - I have a bunch of tshirts set aside from various clubs and school activities I've been in, and a tshirt quilt pattern. As for the wedding ring quilt, I really like the pattern and it's definitely a challenge- just google search wedding ring quilt and you'll see all the fancy curves (I'm used to sewing straight).

Embroider six pillowcases (3 sets of 2) (0/6) -I love hand embroidery, and have some really cute pillow cases that my dad made when he was younger. I want to make some as well.

Make a paper crane mobile and give it to someone as a baby shower gift - I read a book once about the Chinese belief in paper cranes, and how 100 will bring good luck (or something like that). I'm not sure if I believe that, but they look pretty, and it'd be a nice homemade gift.

Attend a school play - The play that my current high school is doing next year is a musical that I've never seen before, but want to. This will urge me to go, hopefully.

Frame 10 pictures and display them (0/10) - I don't have many pictures hanging, just on my dresser. I think if I had 10, I'd have to hang some of them.

Press flowers - Something I did as a child. It sort of immortalizes them.

Make my grad scrapbook - I have a load of cirtificuits in a storage bin under my bed. They need a better display.

Preform on the piano for >10 people at once - Basically, this means a recital (even a small one) which is scary. Eeek. But it would be nice to have one.

Embroider a table cloth - The one we have on our table now was made by a past relative (great aunt, or something). It doesn't fit right, so we need a new one, but I like the style of it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Puzzle: Completed

Recently, I stopped in the local Toys R' Us. After being dismayed that they didn't carry Dutch Blitz (what I had come for) I wandered over to the puzzles to pick one out. There were some challenging ones: a cat next to a stucco wall, a bird walking along the beach, the New York skyline. I decided on a field of black-eyed susans with a rock wall. I know, call me crazy. There's lots of yellow, green, and rock-color. However, I learned some important things while consturcting this puzzle. First, my cat likes to play with (move, chew, hide) puzzle pices. Next, my mom gets very excited when she gets a piece, and has her own special sucess yell. Lastly, don't judge a puzzle by its cover; the box had cropped a good couple inches off the bottom of the picture, leaving part of the brick wall rather challenging. All in all, definitely worth it!
Some Kiki damage:
Finished product:

-Written June 27, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reasoning: Education

This section was the easiest for me to come up with items.

Graduate in 2009 :) - This is sort of a gimme. I do plan on graduating.

Apply to U of C, HBU, and Rice - The interesting one here is Rice. I have little doubt I'll get into U of C and HBU, but Rice? My Mom is worried that sometimes I don't try things because I may fail, and because I don't do that often, it's a deterrent. The problem with that is I don't know my far limits. So, I'm applying to Rice.

Complete my Freshman year of university with marks I'm proud of - So I don't slack off for the first year. I also plan on completing my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year with good marks, but that does not fall within the 1001 days

Take a cooking class - My mom loves cooking classes, and wants to do one with me. I think it'd be fun.

Learn basic Latin - Not gonna lie, I think it'd be fun to speak a dead language. Haha.

Learn how to drive a manual transmission - I like to drive, so I might as well learn all the aspects to it. Plus, it's pretty much all they have in some parts of Europe.

Learn how to speed read (ie, finish speed reading book and speed read one novel) - My dad and I were going to take a speed reading course, but never got around to it. Then I bought a book, and just need to finish it. I think it'll help me in school.

Make a well educated vote - Part of being a good citizen. Plus, I'll be turning 18, and duel citizenship has it's advantages.

Learn how to properly shoot a gun - I've shot guns before. It's not that hard, just line up the sites and pull. It's more about spending quality time with my dad.

Learn how to change a tire - This one's for safety. For some reason, I frequently fear a flat tire. I don't know if you'd call it a phobia or what, but I have been known to, in the middle of my trip, have to pull over and check tires. Scariest part is, I don't know how to change them. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Pick a topic, totally immerse myself, and write a paper - I spent some time in the U of C library one day (pretending to be a student and looking very nonchalant, of course), and that place is FASCINATING. At the time, I was doing research for an English project, but I think it would be neat to research a topic of my choice.

Take the photography class offered at school in Fall '08 - It seems really interesting- it's all old film cameras and black room developing. The challenging part is going to be getting to school early, every day, but I think I'll learn a lot from it.