Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reasoning: For Myself

Grow my hair out long for the 1001 days, and only cut to trim - I like my hair short, but I really miss it and being able to do fun things with it.

French braid my own hair - Usually when I want my hair French braided, I have to get my mom to do it. I'd lik to know that I have the abiliy to do it myself. However, I have to wait till it's longer now.

[Personal: dsumrwm] - I put these three personal ones on here because they are things I want to do, but since this is a public blog, they're also things I don't really want to share with the world. I do know what they mean though, haha. Don't worry.

Fly a kite - I've flown kites before, though I don't remember how successfully. Again, just something I want to make a point of doing.

Complete a 1000 piece puzzle - My family did a lot of puzzles when I was little, probably because my mom's family does a lot of puzzles. I enjoy them, but haven't done it for a while. I got a pretty one, and it's almost done, so when it is I'll post pictures.

[Personal: malotfmhcact]- This could go under organization too.

Go to a prayer room for an hour- I've been to a couple different prayer rooms and it's amazing the calmness in them. It's a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to God, and I want to make a point to do that.

[Personal: fabtf]- Because I need to. And it's done anyway, so...

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