Monday, July 07, 2008

Reasoning: For Others

Give Blood - We've heard in classes how much blood a person in sugery could need. I think I'm type O or type A (IaIo) if you go by my parent's types and genetics, so a lot of people could use mine.

Pay for the person behind me in the drive through line - I saw a newsclip where someone did that, and it went on for hours and hours. Wouldn't it be neat to start something like that? Now I just have to find a drivethrough Starbucks.

Buy someone flowers - They're so cheery! I know who I'm buying them for and when, but I can't put that on here since they read this. It's going to be a thank you.

Plant a tree - I did a research project on deforestation this year. The stats are bad. The world needs more trees.

Take Ziggy to the Children's Hospital 5 times (0/5) - My dogs are both therapy certified, but we don't use it. What a shame! They'll be happier for getting out, and some kid could be happier for seeing them.

Cook dinner for both sets of grandparents (0/2) - I appreciate all that they do for me, and it's the least I can do.

Put change in someone's expired meter - I saw this on someone else's and thought it was neat.

Handwrite and mail 1 letter a month for 2010 (0/12) - I love getting handwritten letters, but it is rather selfish to constantly recieve without giving back, isn't it?

Make a family member breakfast in bed - We have an awesome cookbook of breakfast dishes, and I want to practice one out. I remember for years, we would get breakfast in bed on our birthdays and I loved it. It'd be nice to make someone it.

Attend one of Aneca's basketball games and Kim's swim meets (0/2) - I really stink at making time to notice other's accomplishments. I don't think I've ever attended one of my friend's sporting events (not that many of my Texas friends are the sporting type). It would be nice to show my support.

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