Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Puzzle: Completed

Recently, I stopped in the local Toys R' Us. After being dismayed that they didn't carry Dutch Blitz (what I had come for) I wandered over to the puzzles to pick one out. There were some challenging ones: a cat next to a stucco wall, a bird walking along the beach, the New York skyline. I decided on a field of black-eyed susans with a rock wall. I know, call me crazy. There's lots of yellow, green, and rock-color. However, I learned some important things while consturcting this puzzle. First, my cat likes to play with (move, chew, hide) puzzle pices. Next, my mom gets very excited when she gets a piece, and has her own special sucess yell. Lastly, don't judge a puzzle by its cover; the box had cropped a good couple inches off the bottom of the picture, leaving part of the brick wall rather challenging. All in all, definitely worth it!
Some Kiki damage:
Finished product:

-Written June 27, 2008

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