Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Official...

I have seen the queen. 

In Scotland, we were going to Holyrood Castle (her home while she's in Edinburgh) and were stopped at the door. We couldn't see it. The queen was in. She was holding an invitation-only tea to the local philanthropists, and we weren't invited. So, we hiked up Arthur's Seat to try to catch a glimpse. We saw lots of people, lots of tents set up in the royal lawns, but no queen.

In London, we went to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. I kept my eyes open for drapes moving in the windows behind. At one point I saw the royal duster, wiping the windows. I got pictures of the balcony where she occasionally pops out to wave. Still, no queen.

So where did I see her?

We were leaving Westminster Abbey, walking down the sidewalk. Suddenly, I saw a flashing light, like a police light, but no siren. I glanced over and, behind one motorbike escourt, was the royal driver with a miniflag flying above the car. In the seat behind him was the queen, with her hair neatly put up and her hat on. About 10 feet from me.

I saw the queen. :)

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Ressie said...

congrats on the queen spotting. i hope that you are loving every minute of your adventure.