Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer is over!

It's interesting hearing everybody getting ready to go back to school. Even radio ads are targeting parents for school lunches and local charities are doing their school supply donation. At church on Sunday, we prayed for all the students who would be leaving for university for the first time. I was getting excited.... but.... wait. I've been in school since May! Where did summer go? :)

Massage therapy school is going very well. At first it was a lot of basics and anatomy, which I had already taken in university. Now we are getting into kinesiology and the muscles, as well as our business class and continuing to grow in our massage techniques. There are nine other people in my class, which makes a nice even number for trading off. There is such a range of people - law students, retirees, and moms - all with the common interest of healing by touch.

The first month after practical work started, my hands and wrists did not know what to do with themselves. They were stiff in the mornings and would send spitting pains if I tried to pick things up at a weird angle. They're doing a lot better though, which is a relief. The rest of my body is doing fine. A lot of the pressure for massage is actually found in the legs, but luckily I spent much of the last two years walking. I do miss that aspect of my lifestyle though.

In other news, I am engaged! My amazing boyfriend proposed and is now my amazing fiancé. We have been putting off wedding planning because he is starting up an insurance agency and wanted to see how it would go, but are probably going to be making some decisions in the next month or so. I'm excited about where all my life is going and what I've been through to get here.