Friday, July 04, 2008

Reasoning: Art

Take one photo each day of 2009 and make an album of them (0/365) - Work on my photography skills and artistic eye

Do the Alphabet Photo Challenge (0/26) - More artistic eye than photography skills

Do the 100 Snapshots Challenge (0/100) - I was looking for yet another challenge relating to photography and stumbled upon this one.

Sew a dress - My mom wants to teach me before I start college, and I really want to learn. And I really want a new dress that costs less than $80. I've already found the pattern, and we'll probably start in August.

Make a dishes set at the Harry Potter - The Harry Potter is this pottery studio in Katy, Texas. I went there once with my friends and made a mug. Unfortunately, the method of color they use is glaze, which looks beautiful if done properly, but is a little complex. I learned how to use glaze in my 8th grade art class, later that year. I want to make a better set.

Finish my quilt - A finish what I have started project. I'm done the front, but we're short on fabric for the back, so I'm going to have to be creative. The problem is that I'm somewhat frustrated at myself for measuring wrong in the first place, and can't bring myself to be creative till I get over that.

Create a Tshirt quilt and start a WR quilt (0/2) - I have a bunch of tshirts set aside from various clubs and school activities I've been in, and a tshirt quilt pattern. As for the wedding ring quilt, I really like the pattern and it's definitely a challenge- just google search wedding ring quilt and you'll see all the fancy curves (I'm used to sewing straight).

Embroider six pillowcases (3 sets of 2) (0/6) -I love hand embroidery, and have some really cute pillow cases that my dad made when he was younger. I want to make some as well.

Make a paper crane mobile and give it to someone as a baby shower gift - I read a book once about the Chinese belief in paper cranes, and how 100 will bring good luck (or something like that). I'm not sure if I believe that, but they look pretty, and it'd be a nice homemade gift.

Attend a school play - The play that my current high school is doing next year is a musical that I've never seen before, but want to. This will urge me to go, hopefully.

Frame 10 pictures and display them (0/10) - I don't have many pictures hanging, just on my dresser. I think if I had 10, I'd have to hang some of them.

Press flowers - Something I did as a child. It sort of immortalizes them.

Make my grad scrapbook - I have a load of cirtificuits in a storage bin under my bed. They need a better display.

Preform on the piano for >10 people at once - Basically, this means a recital (even a small one) which is scary. Eeek. But it would be nice to have one.

Embroider a table cloth - The one we have on our table now was made by a past relative (great aunt, or something). It doesn't fit right, so we need a new one, but I like the style of it.

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