Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reasoning: Education

This section was the easiest for me to come up with items.

Graduate in 2009 :) - This is sort of a gimme. I do plan on graduating.

Apply to U of C, HBU, and Rice - The interesting one here is Rice. I have little doubt I'll get into U of C and HBU, but Rice? My Mom is worried that sometimes I don't try things because I may fail, and because I don't do that often, it's a deterrent. The problem with that is I don't know my far limits. So, I'm applying to Rice.

Complete my Freshman year of university with marks I'm proud of - So I don't slack off for the first year. I also plan on completing my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year with good marks, but that does not fall within the 1001 days

Take a cooking class - My mom loves cooking classes, and wants to do one with me. I think it'd be fun.

Learn basic Latin - Not gonna lie, I think it'd be fun to speak a dead language. Haha.

Learn how to drive a manual transmission - I like to drive, so I might as well learn all the aspects to it. Plus, it's pretty much all they have in some parts of Europe.

Learn how to speed read (ie, finish speed reading book and speed read one novel) - My dad and I were going to take a speed reading course, but never got around to it. Then I bought a book, and just need to finish it. I think it'll help me in school.

Make a well educated vote - Part of being a good citizen. Plus, I'll be turning 18, and duel citizenship has it's advantages.

Learn how to properly shoot a gun - I've shot guns before. It's not that hard, just line up the sites and pull. It's more about spending quality time with my dad.

Learn how to change a tire - This one's for safety. For some reason, I frequently fear a flat tire. I don't know if you'd call it a phobia or what, but I have been known to, in the middle of my trip, have to pull over and check tires. Scariest part is, I don't know how to change them. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Pick a topic, totally immerse myself, and write a paper - I spent some time in the U of C library one day (pretending to be a student and looking very nonchalant, of course), and that place is FASCINATING. At the time, I was doing research for an English project, but I think it would be neat to research a topic of my choice.

Take the photography class offered at school in Fall '08 - It seems really interesting- it's all old film cameras and black room developing. The challenging part is going to be getting to school early, every day, but I think I'll learn a lot from it.

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