Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Calgary Thus Far

Kevin Leung has concluded that I need a blog, and seeing as he is Kevin, knower of lots, he just may be right. My argument that nobody reads them is weakened by the fact that I read his in my spare time.
It's really hard to believe I've been up here for more than a month and a half- an eighth of a year! It doesn't seem that long. I am doing well, for the most part, but I get to missing people when I don't have something to do, or late at night, so I keep myself busy. This morning I recieved the sweetest memo, causing me to reflect on the past 365 days. It's probably been my best year yet.
Today I cleaned up for the inspector to come see the house. Unfortunately, while he was here, I was cooking granola, and the process I use involves the use of every timer in the kitchen, so there were beeps going off every three or so minutes. The owners are refinancing, or something (I wasn't really paying attention) so they needed to know how much the house is worth. The inspector estimates just under a million dollars. Calgary's housing is ridiculous. Then I went and got a new license, and we all skipped over to the mall for an afternoon. After supper I went for a jog/walk and I've concluded that for me, running isn't hindered by muscle. My legs are strong from cheerleading and kept up from dance (Glen made sure we'd have thigh muscles guaranteed without workout till we're twenty, I swear). It's the breathing. I don't know if I don't breathe right while running, if possible, or just endurance that I need to work on, but either way, I find walking much more enjoyable.
A couple days ago, Sydney Adkins (Courtney's friend, sister of Lauren Adkins, who you THS & JET band people may know) arrived. They've been goofing off with photography, fashion, and a combination of the two in the basement, so the main floor has been pretty quiet, although as I say that, I hear outbursts of yelling from the stairs. Maybe they've included drama in their repertoire.
I'm also going to do an essay for a scholarship, on the greatest literary work of all time, so I'm going through audio books, about one every two days. Today I started Michael O'Halloran and it just may qualify. It's an adorable story (so far) about an orphan boy, who finds a lame girl who had also been recently orphaned. It's interesting to see their relationship, how she gives him a reason to be. He's constantly saying how nice it is to have something living when he comes home, and he seems honored by the responsibility of caring for her, and teaching her how to read. Though they're both children, and their relationship is far from romantic (he even jerked away when she tried to kiss him), I hope one day I'm blessed with a husband who feels that it's an honor to have me.
I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. I probably won't update this every day, but we'll see how this turns out.

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Kevin said...

Trust me, it's more the appearance of knowing lots than actually knowing lots =)
I think you'll get over the length pretty soon. Kind of like you said, I think people only really think about it when there's nothing to do, and I'm sure you'll get busy. I lived in Canada till the summer I turned 9, and I just turned 18, so I've spent half of my life here. That's sobering, but in the end, not a big deal.