Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside... La de-da da

So this morning, I rolled out of bed first in the house (also a first for me) and went into the kitchen to look at the thermometer. 8 degrees. 8 blessed degrees. (about 46 Fahrenheit). Winter WILL kill me, just wait and see. I figured it was a good day to read, so I started C.S. Lewis's The Four Loves, to add to my library of knowledge for the scholarship. I'm highlighting quotes I find interesting as I go, so once I'm finished, I'll make a post of all of them. I also went to Chapters bookstore for a bit, and went through some literary essays, looking for other authors' opinion on the greatest literary work. Then I went through a book with different publishers, and contemplated becoming a free-lance writer, until the reality of my spelling struck. Eventually I settled on a book on speed reading, something that my dad and I have talked about looking into for years, and I figure it'll never happen with him, so I might as well do it myself (and now would be a good time, with all these books staking up). I walked back home in the freezing rain, and then made some yummy chicken picatta, inspiration curtosy of my craving for Hasta La Pasta.

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Kevin said...

Hey, spelling is style, girl. I'd like to say that in my 3rd life, I would've become a writer.

By the way, change your settings so that you let in anonymous comments. It's a hope that you'll get comments from someone other than dorks like me.