Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peaches' Preference in Blessings

Superstore was selling peaches for $15/ 20 lbs, so Mom got the notion that we would can peaches. We've done one crate out of 5, and I must say, It's much easier than strawberry jam, but not as easy as green beans (I sound like a caning extraordinaire!). The only preference that strawberries have for me is the taste- peaches are definitely not my favorite. That and I smell like baby food, which is cute on a baby, but not me.

No, peaches are not my preference. The title of this post is from a chapter of Michael O'Halloran. The orphan girl that Micky has unofficially adopted is named Peaches. He calls her Lily though, which is what I'd call a daughter, if I had one. It's a pretty good book so far.

Today was pretty productive. I finished Anne of Avonlea, cleaned my room and did the vacuuming for the main floor, got a hair cut, and I am about to make some pear crisp. Here's some peachy pictures. In the first one, I am wearing my Hasta La Pasta apron, and I am peeling peaches for my crowd. In the second one, Mom is wearing my favorite sweatshirt of hers, and putting the peaches into a sauce, than tupperwares to freeze them.

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Kevin said...

You should totally combine the two and make peach crisp. That stuff is fine breakfast dining.