Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Stitch in Time...

The point of this quilt was to have a list of potential memory verses in an artistic design. I was looking through one of the many books in Grandma's quilting library, when this pattern was drawn to me. The different colored squares are called, in the quilting world, "stars," but because of the dark green, they looked like crosses to me. I figured it would be suitable.

First, I had to find fabric, searching through Grandma's many bins. We ended up going to a quilting store to hand-pick the golden for the verse squares, but other than that I was able to find everything in these beautiful, packed, color-sorted bins.

Next, all the cutting. This has taken me over a year, between me living in Houston, and the fact that this is my least favorite part of quilting. Give me a sewing machine any day, and someone else can mess with the rotary cutter, pins, and felt board. Part of the dilemma was that my quilt takes up more room than Grandma's felt board can handle (she usually has larger patches, so she can rotate through). We had to expand that. Then we tried to rearrange the stars and realized the pesky triangles were just too much to mess with, so I had to draw up a pattern with materials coded, and transfer the triangles to a table (they look like squares because they have not been cut diagonally).

I picked out verses and started embroidering them last summer, and they look like this:

The blocks are one of the following: gold with embroidery, solid colors, or diamonds with dark green diamonds and small colored triangles. Here's what it looks like so far:

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