Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pampared Chef

Today was a cooking day. To start out, we were running bare on the edible food department, so we took a trip to Superstore, and stocked up. When we got home, I made my usual batch of granola (I've almost memorized the recipe. I've been making it so regularly that we usually have an ample stock of it). Then I was supposed to boil the chicken so that I could make King Ranch Chicken Casserole for tomorrow night, but ended up making it because tomorrow I start my part-time, part-time job. It's a secret what it is until tomorrow though... You'll have to wait till the post. I'm really excited though!
Anyways... then I gave the dogs a bath, and gave Lacey another bath because she rolled in the dirt while she was still wet from the first one and got muddy. Next we started with the peaches again. We have 12- 1 litre jars and 6 -1 pint jars. We are about half way done. Courtney and Mom are going to finish tomorrow... while I'm at work!
Mom is dying Court's hair right now; She's finally seen the light and thinks brunette is better ;) I'm in charge of cat-sitting Kiki while that process is going on, and she's a feisty thing. She's chasing her tail around and clawing things up (not so cute). Earlier today she was an angel though. She curled up next to Lacey and fell asleep. Ziggy's still not too sure about her though.
It's 14 degrees out right now (somewhere in the low 50s) and Monday it's supposed to be a high of 14 and rainy. I'm not looking forward to it. Anyways, I hear ya'll down south start school on Monday. Here's my schedule for the next week:

Sunday: church and work
Monday: results come out for Matthew's competition. If he makes it into the top 15, I'll go into more detail on here.
Tuesday: Rebecca gives her defence for her thesis, so pray for her! And I head up to the school to figure the place out. And work again. Yay!
Wednesday: Isn't August 29th someone's birthday?
Thursday:I get to pick up Marcy (my cousin) from the airport because her and her fiance are coming to stay with us for a bit.
Friday: Get as much sewing done as possible because school starts the next Tuesday. Eype!

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