Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trust, Deceit, and Forgiveness

Have you ever noticed how the more severe the offence, the more unique or complicated the punishment? For example, if you are late for curfew, you might be grounded for a week, but if you are late because you crashed the car, you are not only grounded for the week, but must repay for the damages by mowing the lawn. This example did not do justice to the point I am trying to make, as the only one I can think of is the specific situation I am in, which I'd rather not disclose. Therefore I encourage you to reflect on your own criminal record.

I have always been a "good kid." I have never been to a "high school party." I've swaggered around the top 5% in my class of 600-ish. I've never crashed a car. My most unique punishment is when I forget to turn off the lights in my room, I owe $0.50 (to help pay for the electrical bill). I actually LIKE this punishment, because it trains me not to do that... a useful skill when I live in my own house.

The other day I deceived some people I respect dearly, and broke their trust. My mom's favorite saying is "It takes a while to build someones trust, and one instance to break it." Although the couple I deceived are incredibly forgiving, I am, for the first time I can remember, feeling the full impact of that quote. Let me tell you, it stinks. I encourage you, if you are in a situation where you are going behind someone's back, to come clean with that person before they catch you.

Long story short, I won't be on facebook until school starts, among other things. And potentially not on this blog for quite some time.

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