Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chelsea's Library

In the last three days, I have read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Good book. It seems that is how I describe all books, so to rank it, I'd say, I liked the Magician's Nephew (book 1 of the series) better.

Mind you, Lewis himself said, "The human mind is generally far more eager to praise and dispraise than to describe and define. It wants to make every distinction a distinction of value; hence those fatal critics who can never point our the differing quality of two poets without putting them in an order of preference as if they were candidates for a prize." Smart man.

Anyways, I am currently reading, as of an hour ago, Dating Mr. Darcy, which is a psychological relationship analysis of Lizzy and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Written for teenage girls, so don't expect to get a college textbook if you check it out from the library. Plus it's only 140 pages, double spaced. I wanted to read it before the story line of P&P/ Sense and Sensibility/ Emma got too far out of my head, as the book refers to all three. However, I don't think I'll ever forget P&P, between reading the book and seeing the movie a gabajillion times. I love my P&P book. :)

My cousin got here yesterday with her fiancee, and he's been mocking me with all the books I've read this summer: P&P, Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, The Four Loves, The Magician's Nephew, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Chosen by God, and Authentic Beauty. And Job, but I don't count that, because it's not really a book-book. It's a "book" of the Bible. Chris asked Courtney how many books she's read. "I'm a third done Harry Potter 7!"

I should be finished with Dating Mr. Darcy tonight, and then I'm going to work on the Agony and the Ecstasy, which looks like agony from its thickness and print size, but hopefully will be more like Ecstasy from the content. Maybe. I'm hoping.

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