Saturday, September 08, 2007

Schools In! Part III: Friends

My first friend is Kim. I met her a week or so before school started, and she went to Clements High School in Sugarland. She's in swimming, and is a perfect mixture of Catherine and Bianca's kindness and brains. She's in three out of four of my classes.

The first day of school, we had one hour of homeroom, and one of our tasks was assigning lockers and locker buddies. My buddy is Anna, a French Immersion student (first language English, but all her classes are French. A pointless system if you ask me. Imagine learning calculus in Spanish!). I really don't see much of her, but she seems really nice from what I've seen of her.

My next friend I acquired is Justine. Our teacher was looking at transcripts (you have to bring your transcript to class on the first day so the teacher has an idea of what your grades normally are), and she was like "Oh, where did you move from?" and I responded, "Texas." Then the girl in front of me whips her head around and said "I'm from Texas too- Houston." So I said, "Well, I'm from Katy!" and she said, "Really? I'm from Sugarland!" She's lived in Calgary for a year already, so she has some very nice friends that Kim and I have met (namely Anaka and Stephanie). They invited us to eat lunch with them. She's in swimming too, but she has a bad knee so she doesn't get to do much of it.

Then in Bio, there's a girl named Katheryn who lived in Cinco for grade 7. I really haven't spent much time with her, but she sits with Kim and I in our lab table.

I'm probably closest to Kim, but Justine is really nice too. We both may end up being sucked into their group! The trick I've learned is just say you're from Katy, and you'll find a couple people who know where it is.

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