Thursday, September 20, 2007

September Beauty

So, we had our first snow the other day. You wouldn't be able to tell though, since it was a "Texas snow," as I like to call it, meaning it never accumulated- just fell. However, as I write this, it is hailing. This picture was taken about two minutes ago.

However, this morning was beautiful. I would know- I had a 45 minute Bio class before school started. Granted, I was still waking up after all you Katy people were sitting in your desks...

Here are two pictures: the first I took on my walk to school this morning, and the second I took after I got home when I was walking into my house. I like the second one a lot. I looked up and thought, "Wow, that's beautiful." Then I remembered I had my camera and figured I'd share the joy with you guys.

"...where they found a road leading into the heart of acres of glimmering beech and maple woods, which were all in a wondrous glow of flame and gold, lying in a great purple stillness and peace.

'It's as i the year were kneeling to pray in a vast cathedral full of mellow stained light, isn't it?' said Anne dreamily. 'It doesn't seem right to hurry through it, does it? I seems irreverent, like running in a church.' " (Anne of Avonlea, pg. 376)

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