Monday, May 26, 2008

Stormy Days

It has rained for 10 days straight. I think I would have rather died in a flood than wait 30 more, but it's not pouring; it's like a hazy drizzle- for ten days. It's a cold, drenching rain (It's currently 8 degrees C outside). Plus, I found out my car leaks under the dashboard on the passenger's side, so each day after school, I have to mop up that day's puddle. Today, Kassi's car died, so we had to hook up the jumper cables- I'm sure more than one person driving by laughed at us as they saw two girls trying to find the battery in my car. However, after a couple calls her her boyfriend and some consulting of my driver's ed manual, it's running.


However, there is a blessing in the rain.

Our gross, brown Calgary is... GREEN!

Everything is so beautiful! There is this bush next to our kitchen window that I thought was dead, only to find it coated in dainty white flowers. The hanging flower pots that my mom planted are so cheery, and the apple tree is gorgeous! Here are some pictures from this afternoon. Ignore the gross weather... it's worth it!
The "dead" bush (far and close)

Hanging pot
The other treeThe apple treeThe apple blossoms close up

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