Thursday, May 15, 2008

Around the House: Ironing

The other day in class, we were talking about a particular short story that used ironing as a symbol to represent monotony and how society "irons" out the wrinkles in individuals, till we're all the same (flat board). Our student teacher brought in an ironing board and iron, and asked for volunteers to iron out parts of the shirt and tell us what pops into our head. At one point, she asked "How may of you have ever ironed?" Almost everyone raised their hand, but about 4 or 5 people had never ironed!

If you're one of them, go iron something. It's relaxing. I love it. I have fond memories with irons: my uncle taught me to iron, quilting with my grandmother (there's lots of ironing in sewing), watching my dad iron his work shirts, and more. I iron with my right hand, with my board set up for left-handers, and set my iron on the left side, since my uncle taught me how he learned: from left handed Grandma Dorothy.

It's great fun. Try it! But read the care label of your shirt first, just in case.

Photo from By Pedro Veneroso. Attribution Noncommercial Licence.


Pedro de Freitas said...

really interesting to find one of my photos published while drifting on the web. thanks :)
interesting text, by the way.
i had never thought about the issue before. gave me some ideas.
pedro veneroso.

Chelsea said...

Thank you for making it a creative commons! You have no idea how many entries I would like to do, but can't find a picture I can use. Till I get a better camera, I rely heavily on you guys!