Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I have such wonderful women who have raised me in different parts of my life. Of course there's my mom, who has always been there, but I also want to thank people like my grandmothers who have supported her, and people like Mrs. Palmour, Mrs. Erickson, Aunt Heather, and Mrs. Smith who have been there for me when she couldn't. Thank you all!

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Becky and Patrick said...

i decided today to start reading way back in your blog (which i didn't actually know you had until you commented on mine) and came upon this lovely post! the wicherts might as well have been palmours. very good memories. i have a lovely picture of you that would look so cute on your blog, where we all jumped in your pool in our underwear. well let's be honest, it's better of you because i'm a little old to be jumping around in my underwear at that point.

looks like you are looking at schools in houston. if you wind up here, make sure to bring your mom for an echo lodge reunion. tell her i said hello!