Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Sanofi-Aventis Biotalent Challenge

Next year, my senior year (yay!) should, in theory, be a slack year. I'm done all my classes except one required (Social 30) and one interesting (Math 31). The other two are fillers (General Psych 20, French 10). The second semester I have off, which should be the epitome of what a second semester senior's life should resemble...

Ha. Not that I was planning on doing that ever, but then I heard about the SABC, and I am putting great thought into it. It would be a lot of work, and a heck of a lot of driving (West Houston to the Texas Children's Hospital), but if my proposition is accepted and I actually accomplish my goal, it will probably be the most rewarding thing I'll do in my life. I can't even imagine what success in this area would feel like.

However, since it is a large time commitment and potentially high in expenses (I'm still working on that), I really don't know if I'm up for it. At this point, fear of rejection is what is holding me back the most- I really don't know how anyone would respond to my proposal, and if I could find a mentor that would sponsor me. It's amazing how fear prevents action, isn't it?

Pretty much what I'm asking for is prayers. I know I need Someone bigger than me behind me if this has any chance of working.

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