Monday, June 16, 2008

Simple Days Bring Simple Joys

I have had a beautiful day. First off, I slept in (which doesn't happen often, since I work Saturday mornings and church is Sunday). Then I came up and Mom had been working in the yard. Lacey had this spot that she would sneak under the deck, and in the process, had knocked off a piece of lattuce, so I nailed it back in. Then I raced across the golf course, confusing some golfers according to mom, and worked on my wall hanging with Grandma. It's completely finished except the whole hanging part. I'm not sure where we're going to put it. Then I did my spring cleaning. I pulled everything out that had accumulated under my bed and tossed all the school papers from last semester. I pulled all my clothes out of the dresser and got rid of several shirts and set aside several for my tshirt quilt. Then, after supper Mom and I took Ziggy and Lacey for a walk. All in all, it was perfect. :)
I'm so happy to be done the rush of school, except finals. But soon they'll be done too! I write my biology diploma on Wednesday and my Spanish diploma on Friday. After that all that's left is part II of my English diploma. I will be going out of town Saturday till about Tuesday. Then Saturday, the 28th, I'm flying to Scotland. I'm going to try to write some timed posts that will come out while I'm there so that this blog isn't completely deserted. If anyone has a good topic idea for me, let me know!

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