Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Genesis: In the Beginning...

So, I finished Genesis yesterday. I'm doing another one of Natalie's quests, which is to read the Bible in 90 days. It consists of just over 10 chapters a day (about), but it'll be nice to get the overview, and then see what I want to study more in depth later.

Genesis is actually one of the books I've read three or four times. I always start out strong, saying, "Yay! I'm going to read the Bible", and by Numbers that goal has dwindled, but Genesis is at the beginning.

However, each time I read it I get a better grasp of the family, and notice more and more, and I remember people and recognize names easier. Especially this time, since Paul (Texas youth speaker) focuses a lot on Old Testiment and the Jewish people, it's all starting to come together.

As weird as it is, there is one story that stands out to me. The first time I read it or heard about it (don't remember which) it just amazed me so much. I can't relate to it, and I have no idea why it impresses me so much, but it's the story of Leah and Rachel. (Gen 29)

Jacob fell in love with Rachel, the younger sister. He worked 7 years for her father to marry her. Their father switched her out for Leah, and so Jacob worked 7 more years for Rachel (14 total). See, Leah had to be married first because she was older (think Taming of the Shrew). Then Leah kept having kids, but Rachel didn't so she got mad and gave Jacob her maid to have kids with. It's just one big quarrel over pregnancy.

It must have been so hard for Leah. She was pushed into a marriage by her father (whether it is custom or not, no fun) to a man who doesn't love her, but loves her sister more. Even after she has children, Rachel is loved more. However, when Rachel dies, she is buried on the way to Bethlehem. Leah was buried with Jacob's family. Interesting ending for Jacob to choose for the wife he didn't love as much...

Again, don't know why I like this story so much. Just do. :)

Also, besides Exodus, I am reading The Bean Trees for school, How Scotts Invented the Modern World for Uncle Gordon and my trip to Scotland (yay!), and Prince Caspian for fun! Exodus should, in theory, be finished next.

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Nicole said...

hm. i've never read the Bible cover to cover...tell me how it's going when you come to town!