Monday, February 18, 2008

As Promised, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Hey guys. I had a wonderful weekend- so relaxing!!!
The weather in Calgary is absolutely beootiful! Today, for Family Day (provincial holiday) we went for a walk, and Courtney was in a tshirt and jeans, and fine. I was chasing Ziggy through a pile of snow, and totally tripped and faceplanted, and it felt soooo nice. The sun was shining all day, and soon there will be no snow. I'm looking forward to see if my flowers that I planted will sprout, come spring.
I have not finished Deuteronomy or uploaded my pictures, but I did finish the Voyage of the Dawn Treader on my drive home. I would like to say, it is dangerous to drive during some parts of that book! At one point they threw a spear at Reepicheep, and I got spooked and jumped. It does make good company though.
This book was interesting in that it was a lot of little plots at each island, with one overarching plot- their quest. Each island was a different adventure, from dragons to invisible monopods and nightmares coming to life.
My favorite part was the lillies. The crew of the Dawn Treader was on its way to the furthest eastern point of their world, when in the distance they saw white. They put down a boat to row out and see, and it returned with lillies. I can just imagine sailing through a field of lillies, with the wake of the ship leaving a path. It's very picturesque.

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