Thursday, February 07, 2008


Another post, yes.

I just finished Exodus. I think one of the major benefits of this mass-reading expidition is that I read complete stories all in one setting. Two days ago I read from Moses' birth to the escape of the Israelites from Egypt. Then today, I read from that (I missed yesterday, being up till 12:30 with homework and church anyways) till the creation of the Tabernacle. Definitely worth reading right through, to have the people's backgrounds fresh in your minds. A couple things stood out:

First, the importance of the Sabbath. That could also be because I read a magazine article today about it, but God definitely designed us where we need rest. All throughout, God provides ways for his people to continue to honor the sabbath- for instance giving them double manna the day before so they don't have to gather it then. In the article, the girl's role model told her: "It's also about trust. If he says I can do my work in six days, who am I to doubt?" I realize it's not just about not working, but in resting, energizing, and worshiping God.

Second, it was amazing to watch the relationship between Moses and God. He went from someone who doubted God to one who would speak to Him "face to face, as a man speaks with his friend" (33:11) and whose "face was radient because he had spoken witht he Lord" (35:29).

And I found a verse that I've not really been searching for, but just keeping my eyes open. Found it! Ex 21:22

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