Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Though I am about 1.5 books behind the plan, I am slowly catching up. I finished Deuteronomy today, and it was interesting. I've always thought the Old Testiment was a) confusing and b) somewhat boring. but when you read through it it actually a) makes a lot more sense, and b) is pretty neat!
One of the main themes of these last few books, and a very important one in Deuteronomy, is idolitry. I thought it was really interesting how the main law that God kept reiterating was not to fall aside and worship the gods of their enemies. Yet, he knew they would. They already had quite a bit. He tells Moses, "They will forsake me and break the covenant I made with them" (Deut 31:16).
It's more subtle today, how other things slip into our lives and take up time. School, work, sin, all become time-consuming to the point of destruction unless checked (except sin. It's just bad).
However, compared to what God was offering the Israelites, giving up idolitry should have been nothing. He was giving them a beautiful land, success over their enemies, health, families, boutiful crops... silly Israelites.
... silly me. hm.

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