Friday, January 04, 2008


Last Sunday, our church had a period of aloud prayer. I really don't like those, because I feel it focuses on outward appearance of a personal relationship with God, rather than inward growth. I think prayer should be private, either with an individual or small group. Our pastor had mentioned all the different names of Jesus- Lamb, King of Kings, Alpha, Omega, etc. So it was interesting everything people were saying.
However, one "prayer" really got me. While someone else was praying, a little toddler called out "Da-da." At first I just tried to block it out like I usually do with toddlers squeeks in church, and stay focused, but I realized, that is God. He is my dad.
I really dislike things like "Jesus is my homeboy" shirts, because it's so disrespectful, but my Father is protective and knows what's best for me. My New Year's resolution is to spend more time with my Da-da.

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