Friday, October 31, 2008

Mars Hill Church: Seattle, WA

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a favorite sermon podcast of mine- Mars Hill Church. The style is modern, but the theology is sound. Some consider it too old-fasioned, but I believe it's very Biblical. They are also currently ranked #3 on iTunes podcasts under Religion and Spirituality, so congratulations! :)
You can check them out there, or get their current sermon series at
... I would consider the current series for high school students and up (that means not you Emily!) but they also have all their old series up as well.


Becky and Patrick said...

This is the Patrick half of the Becky and Patrick duo.

I love Mark Driscoll! I think he's an awesome speaker. You should also look at Matt Chandler at the Village Church. He is very dynamic and engaging and has a similar theological style to Driscoll. He is also hilarious.

And your top picture looks amazing. I also dabble into photography, but I'm not as talented as you. My picasa is You don't have to post the link, I don't want you to feel like I'm using your blog for my plugging.

Kathleen said...

Did you happen to listen to the talk he gave at the DG conference this year? It was...ahem, very...cutting. His "modern-day equivalent term" for dirty rags was graphic, to say the least.

But he is Biblical, relevant, and real. It's refreshing, isn't it?