Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I was talking to a dear friend one day, and they asked, "In Canada, do people make a big deal about "Merry Christmas... Happy Holidays... whatever?" I didn't rightly know what to answer. I don't ever remember what I did answer. I had not really noticed, but after that I started to pay attention.

The first time I noticed anything, was when I was driving home from school and was looking up Charleswood, into the bright Southern sun and I saw a bus drive by. Rotating between the Route 20's was "Merry Christmas!!!" My mouth dropped.

Next, I noticed the transition music between classes was Christmas themed- not just winter themed.

Then the assistant principals interrupted our math test in Santa hats to wish us Merry Christmas and give us York Mints.

The only "politically correct" message that stood out, was from the school newspaper, and I have a hunch they were being satirical:
"The staff of the Advocate fish you a hairy kiss moose and a hippo nude beer!!! (Please have a completely non-offensive, politically correct observation of this diverse and celebratory portion of the year, kids. This greeting is void where prohibited by law.)"

Merry Christmas!

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