Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nicole Corser

Today at noon, a beloved member of Taylor High School died after a car accident yesterday. Nicole Corser was in my grade. She sat beside me in Spanish last year, and though we were not good friends, she had always seemed to me a very nice person. Please pray for her family during this difficult time.

It's sad that it takes an event like this to make us recognize that life is precious, and short.


Anna S said...

How horrible. Was this the girl in the picture? Such a lovely, pretty girl. So sad. I will be praying.

Chelsea said...

Yes, that was her picture from their homecoming dance. She was lovely, and had such a good heart. Thanks for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

i cannot begin to describe how much i miss Nicole, she was one of the nicest, sweetest girls ever. i miss her so so much there is not a day i don't think of her.
on this day i pray for her and her family and i hope and miss Becky, Clark, and Mr.Corser have a wonderful thanksgiving :)
we miss you so much :)

carly said...

nicole was like a sister to me my mom and her mom were BEST friends. to this day i still dont really think nicole is gone its just to hard to think someone outside of you family will die at such a young age......! I know alot of things but one thing i dont under stand is why things have 2 happen like dieing or suffering or not get a part in something. i know what it is like 2 feel like that. ive lost alot and have had alot in the hospital but i lost a freind that i thoug hcould never happen. this story can be told in a lot of way but the truth is this. nicole corser was 17 years old becky har mom was my moms good friend nicole was on her way back from golf when she was hit in her car by a box truck. some people say she ran a red light but the truth is it was yellow and it turned red 2 quick the box truck did not see her and hit the pasemger side of her car she was thrown to the side of her car. her car slid about 6 yards and then stoped at the side walk that day nicole was taken 2 the hospital with internal bleeding in the brain.she had no cut brusis or blood on the out side of her body she died shortly the next day nov. 27.you know your going 2 die but you can never know wen you know relitives die but you never think that a close friend will till it happens.nicole was a friend 2 even me but now thats shes gone its really hard her family is okay but with out there only daughter its hard.i still dont belive someone like nicole is really gone.but l heard something that changed the way i thought of that.my dad said that insted of her thouching 100 people she touched100,000 and thats what god wanted her on this earth 4 some times its hard but soon you will get over it. it still is hard 4 alot but i will become easier l8ter in lfe.nicole is in heaven now and we cant blam our self 4 what happend god just wanted it 2 happen. i wrote this so you can understand what god put you on this earth for so insted of hateing life live it to the fullest because you never know wen it will end so LOVE lif just like you love family and friends because one day they could be gone

love carly

Anonymous said...

I witnessed Nicole's accident and called 911 and her mother. It is so true she has changed and touched thousands. I did not know her before that day but her life has changed mine in so many ways. Her families example and her love for Christ will have a profound influence on lives we will never know in our lifetime.