Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Synopsis of My First 101 in 1001

Well, that deadline went whooshing by. :)

Just last week, my 1001 days were up to complete my 101 tasks, and it has been an awesome experience. I'm a big fan of lists as it is, and to be able to look back over the list, and remember meeting the goals is a neat digital keepsake. Of course, tons of things didn't get done. I have yet to sew a dress or plant a tree, but several of the things I didn't get done were replaced by experiences I wouldn't replace. And the ones I did do were even better.

I didn't just graduate high school... I'm a month away from graduating university.

I didn't just apply to work at Pine Cove... I spent five intense, exhausting weeks as a Baby Ruth.

I didn't learn basic Latin... but I learned enough Classical Hebrew to read unedited Old Testament text.

I didn't read Brothers Karamazov... but I read Anna Karenina and 54+ other books.

Each of these experiences have a story with them. And even though my list has a 37% success rate, I'm going to do it again. Something I found was that, over time, my goals changed. And you know what? I was fine with that. I don't have to meet all of my goals, but at least I can try, right? This list has been a trial run of sorts, to see what makes a good long term goal and what doesn't.

So stay posted. I'll be compiling a new list, and hopefully have it up before my graduation!


Yarit said...

I agree with you, in fact when you try to reach your goals just because you have to or just because a long time ago you thought and suggested yourself to do it, you miss the most important part of doing it, which is passion and love.

Betty Aarcher said...

Great testimony, thanks. Betty