Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Goodbye, Earl

Shortly before I got to Halifax, I got the memo that I should be expecting a hurricane. On the days leading up to the hurricane, it was hot, still, and humid. I had a tea party at a friend's house, and it was just charming! Hot tea is actually not that bad in hot weather- supposidly it makes your body temperature hoter, which makes the air around seem cooler. The company was great too. There were about eighteen girls in attendence, and we chatted for a while over scones, and then went around and shared our summer and worries for the coming year and praying for each other. It was great.
The other days surrounding Earl I read a lot! I finished Julie and Julia, Grace Abounding, and Columbine. I also baked an apple pie and focaccia bread, which was surprisingly easy! I've made bread before... this was incredible and delicious! So good!
Now that Earl's gone, the weather has cooled. I have helped friends move into their appartments, and have gotten settled back in my room. Unfortunately, I wasn't as content with my class list as I would of liked (I'm not sure what inspired me to take Shakespeare for fun, even though I do like him), and am now trying to scramble my many, random interests into a class schedule. Two days before school starts. *Sigh*

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Becky said...

May I ask what you thought about Julie and Julia? I read the book too, and for the first time in my life, I liked the movie better. (Sorta... I read The Blind Side also, and wasn't a fan, but I never saw the movie though I heard it was great.) Anyway, I thought she was portrayed as WAY more cynical in the book, and I wasn't a fan at the end of a couple religious references she made that were left out of the movie.

Also, I took Shakespeare for fun in college. :-) It starrted out as one of my least favorite classes, but I do LOVE reading and writing and I ended up really liking it.