Monday, December 07, 2009

Welcome, Clara Cannon!

As many of you know, dear Clover Cannon, my Rebel XTi broke Newton's laws and disappeared last Spring. I am still at a loss as to where she is, but I finally figured it's time to move on and started researching cameras a couple weeks ago.
I finally took the plunge and got a sweet little Rebel XS. She's quite the dear. Basically all the same features as my XTi, plus a little extra quality. Like I can take pictures in black and white (which I may have been able to do before but never figured out). And there's Image Stabilizer.
What this means for me: I get to take good pictures again!
What this means for you: You get to see my pictures again!
Win-win. Or in the world of Michael Scott, win-win-win.


allison said...

Chelsea it looks awesome!
I still haven't brought myself to buy a dSLR yet .. I keep dreaming of one but it's still a lot of money!

Chelsea said...

Ya, it definitely is! I missed taking pictures so much though.

allison said...

Yeah I know what you mean .. I haven't really gone out and taken pictures in a while because I've been so busy with school .. hopefully the winter break will be chalk full of opportunities! My dad gave me a film SLR camera that my parents found in a closet so I'm going to give that a shot (no pun intended haha). I guess it'll put my skills to the test!