Friday, April 17, 2009


Last night and today, I was dealing with this question:

What aspects of commitment are expected, what are appreciated, and what are overbearing? Basically, if I'm in a relationship, what's the minimum amount of involvement expected, and what is considered "clingy." I know it varies person to perosn, but what is your opinion?


Kevin said...

So the sort of broad, adage-like thing I would say is that a clingy person is dedicated to the idea of the relationship, while the well-involved person is dedicated to the person. At that point, I would imagine it's pretty easy to do things because he or she want to out of the spirit of being in a relationship, with the risk that he or she might be tramping on the personal space of the other.

Evan said...

I've been dealing with this same idea over the last few weeks, and Kevin is absolutely right.