Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thought of the Day: Fidelity

One of the oh-so-many books I'm reading right now is called The Myserty of Marriage by Mike Mason. It was written in the mid-80's by a man who had only been married for a couple years, and was mainly composed of his journal as he was in a period of engagement. I'm almost halfway done, and so far it reads a lot like The Four Loves. Rather than being a how-to, or step-by-step guide, it's simply observations and meditations. A lot of the points he makes he connects back to the parallel of our marriage to Christ, and I think the constant switch from husband-wife marriage to Jesus-church marriage exposes details in both relationships that are worth grasping.

Anyways, a quote that I read, reread, underlined, then read again is as follows:
"Certainly, if we cannot be faithful to a living person we can see and touch, how will we ever be faithful to an invisible God?" (p. 92)

Wonderful question, Mike. The fear of infidelity in marriage is becoming more and more real in many relationships today. Does this correspond at all with the straying of people from God? Likely. Being unfaithful to your spouse, even before you marry them, is like giving up hope, and seeking after other gods.

More on this later... of to Alabama tomorrow!


Becky and Patrick said...

that sounds like a very good book. i am all over marriage books.

you recommend it, i'd assume? i may look into that.

Chelsea said...

I would indeed. I found it at Lifeway in the marriage section, but I'm sure you could order it online or find it at a library. It was apparently very well recieved, and the version I have is the 20th anniversary edition.

Chelsea said...

Actually, I would like to finish it before I flatly reccomend it. SO FAR I reccomend it. I'll let you know what I think of the end via facebook, if you'd like.