Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cameras Galore!

My school's photography club is all old-school, film, dark-room. Which is great! Except I didn't have a film camera. Notice, the past tense. :)
Yesterday I bought a Pintax MEsuper for $25. Amazing, I know. Especially after I cruised $200 ones on Ebay.

Pintax's birthday: somewhere between 1977-1984, aka older than me.

Also, I have decided to name my cameras, because I'm a girl and we like to name things. So I went to I decided the Pintax should be a boy, and the Canon should be a girl.

Lovely pictures that Clover took of Plato (no, I would not do that to my own children).

I would post the picture that Plato took of Clover, but it may take a few more minutes to process... :P
The funniest part: It has no battary. I took 15 pictures, trying to figure out how to adjust the shutter speed before consulting the manual (yes, I'm slow). Once there, it said that it was adjusted in the screen, through up and down arrows. I pushed, but nothing happened. So I read on, and apparently it works at a 1/125 speed on default without battery. I opened it up, and alas! I had just assumed it was working because it took pictures! Which kind of stinks, because I don't think any of my pictures were bright enough for that speed, but THAT'S SO COOL!

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Prairie Chick said...

that is cool. I would love to be part of a photo club. I have the best intentions of reading my manual and learning how to take better pictures (I only know how to use the automatic settings, and it took some figuring to even get that far!) Happy photographing.