Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Hast Sprung in Canada

This last weekend has been gorgeous! Saturday it was hotter in Calgary than in New Braunfels, TX. Right now it's 12 degrees C out (54F) which is perfect for going out in pants and a tshirt after the winter we've had. On Sunday I went for a walk with Mom and her boyfriend to the Bow River, and it's starting to brown up on the hills. Almost all the ice is gone. Upon return, I checked our "garden" and the bulbs that I planted last autumn are sprouting.

Also, an update on Kim. She's noticibly improving, and even she noticed today at lunch that she could drink out of a straw. Thanks for your prayers! I have an English paper to write, but I plan on doing a post on I Samuel, II Samuel, and The Bean Trees.


Rae said...

don't count your chickens. I predict at least one more big snowstorm.
it would be too easy if this was spring already!


Chelsea said...

That's what my desk partner in Spanish said. You bubble bursters! ;)